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A culture of wellness and balance

Benefits play an important role in your choice of an employer. That’s why we work hard to make sure our benefits reflect the changing needs and wants of our people, and it’s why we provide many industry-leading benefits to our employees who rely on them. Our goal is to empower you with the resources, incentives, and flexibility you need to enjoy success on the job and to live a healthy, balanced life.

Learn more about our local Jamaican PAYE deductions local Jamaican PAYE deductions.  and if you are seeking employment with CCL Business Technology outside of the US, please consult with your local recruiter for more detail on the benefits offered in your country of employment.

Career development

At CCL Business Technology, you’ll have an amazing range of opportunities. You might become an expert in a particular field or build proficiencies across our diverse brand of solutions such as PaperCut, Kyocera Technology or Konica Minolta just to name a few. You might be an individual contributor or become a manager. Because we have so many kinds of jobs in so many different places, you can stay in one building, city, or country, or you can cross borders—in person, or virtually.

Your career and professional development is a partnership between you and your manager, reinforced by our numerous career resources. And as much as we’re here to support you, we believe your career is an individual adventure. You drive your career development plan while your manager assists and coaches you, and we provide a framework with the tools and resources you need to succeed.

One thing is certain, you’ll never stand still at CCL Business Technology.

Our philosophy: an individual adventure

Defined roles. Each of our jobs has clear requirements for success but lots of room to push boundaries and grow. Managers provide ongoing support, but ultimately you are empowered to shape your personal experience and chart your own career path. You can go deep in an area of expertise, or move across functions or businesses to experience a breadth of opportunity.

Career path options. You don’t have to be a manager to move up. Both individual contributor and management careers progress all the way through senior levels—we highly value both.

Movement between job families. We define desired results and consistently apply them for all job families available across our teams. This makes it easy for you to learn about each job family and identify and develop.

Our career guide

A clear way to manage your career. Our career guide is a tool that describes careers across the company and provides visibility to those opportunities to help you manage your career. The career guide helps you understand the skills and capabilities that contribute to success in today’s environment, and provides a variety of ways to develop both in role and for your future career. As part of your development, you’ll have the option to engage in some 200 training programs taught by instructors from leading partner brands and offered online, virtually, or in classrooms around the globe. You can’t beat the level of investment we place on career development.

Mentoring & networking

Connections to help us grow. At CCL Business Technology we share knowledge, experiences, and resources to help each other achieve our career goals and grow both professionally and personally.

Mentoring allows you to learn from the experiences of professionals within and outside of your own area of expertise, and to build a network to help find opportunities that can promote your development. Mentoring is a great way to make a big company feel smaller—and its opportunities more accessible—to each of us.

Employee resource groups, networks and social groups allow people with common interests or backgrounds to connect with each other. Do you love pets, vegetarian cooking, or the environment? Do you share a cultural background or special need with other employees? Chances are you’ll find a network of people with similar interests and/or needs at CCL Business Technology, and you can connect with them as you develop your career and lifestyle. Being a part of the CCL Business Technology community is a rich, fulfilling experience.

Diversity and inclusion

The heart of our business. CCL Business Technology has always been about recognizing the value that different life experiences and viewpoints bring to our business. We seek out people from diverse backgrounds and encourage them to take risks and approach challenges unconventionally.

Corporate citizenship

Global reach. Local impact. Microsoft has a responsibility, based on our mission and values, to promote social and economic opportunity in the communities where we work, live, and do business. That’s why we collaborate with governments and community organizations to address societal needs. Our commitment to enabling societal change and upholding the highest standards of business conduct are a part of what make us proud about working at CCL Business Technology. With the support of our employees and in alliance with our many partners, we will continue to make positive and lasting contributions to society.


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